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At 5yrs old I would jump up on my mom's bed and watch her make the sewing machine sing the fabric into the most beautiful creations.  As a teenager I had taken classes in school not knowing I had the best teacher at my side every day.  When I had my children I thought I had no time which thinking about it know I wish I had it to do over.  As a Nana I get my biggest kick out of creating things for my grandchildren, my brides and my little ones to be baptized.  I have learned so much in all my years and I love to use all my 50yrs of knowledge to create beautiful pieces for your special day or any day.  I love to use the sparkle but I can also keep it simple!!!


With 45 years of experience I started my company when I became disabled and found myself no longer able to work and my child grown.  With a small investment I began with jewelry and craft shows.  As the years have passed the business has grown.  Now I am creating full wedding gowns, floral centerpieces, bouquets, booteners and so many other pieces.  With enough time to prepare there isn’t anything I can’t create for you.


As child I loved watching my mother sew she was and is a master seamstress and what I strive to be every day. With my hand made creations in clothing and jewelry I love to create for my customers.

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